Permission (EN)

Ich möchte doch lieber in Deutsch lesen

Permission is an approval. In this sense, it regulates what can and cannot be done with a person’s property. To rule out inconsistencies and misunderstandings from the outset, the following lists what you can and cannot do with the files offered here. The permission is broken down as follows.

  1. when does this permit apply?
  2. What files does this include
  3. What does this include
  4. I need a more extensive permit tailored to me

1. when dues this permit apply?

Permission begins immediately as soon as you click on “save as”, “copy” or “download” on an image, parts of text or files (downloads). Screenshots are also included

2. what files does this include

The permission includes all content on this page. These include:

  • texts
  • picture files
  • compressed archives (like zip-files and so on)
  • Contents of compressed archives (e.g. PNG, DDS, LWO, i3D files)

3. what does this include

The permission basically says what can be “done” with these files.

What am I allowed to do?

  • Use the files for private purposes only

  • Link posts (social media like facebook, instagram, …)

What am I not allowed to do?

  • Share individual files (e.g. pass them on to third parties)

  • Modify files (e.g. color textures)

  • Spread or upload files on other platforms (websites or similar). Also in a changed form

  • Publish files or parts of files

4. I need a more extensive permit tailored to me

If the scope of this permission is not sufficient for you, you can use the contact form to specify an explicit question / request for your project and make an inquiry. There is no universal answer for this. It will then be decided in each case according to individual criteria. This “Extended Permission” only counts for the purpose that has been agreed upon. The form is in German, but can be translated using the google translator. English inquiries will be answered as far as possible

Stand: 02.10.2018